The Coroners Procedure

Naturally a sudden death together with the Coroner’s involvement can be very distressing. You may have a number of questions.

We are fully acquainted with all procedures and we are here to help and guide you.

A doctor may report the death to a coroner if the:

If the coroner decides that the cause of death is clear

If the coroner decides a post-mortem is needed to find out how the person died

If no inquest is needed

If an inquest is required

A coroner must hold an inquest if the cause of death is still unknown or if the person:

You can’t register the death until after the inquest. The coroner is responsible for sending the relevant paperwork to the registrar and can give you an interim death certificate to prove the person is dead. You can use this to let organisations know of the death and apply for probate. When the inquest is over the coroner will tell the registrar what to put in the register.