The Bewley Chapel

Service Room

At D.J. Bewleys, we are delighted to offer the use of our beautiful service rooms and other facilities, suitable for funeral services to accommodate religious and non-religious funerals. We offer service rooms at our Melksham site and at our Devizes site. Our rooms are equipped with a state of the art sound systems and have the capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 35-40 people.

Some families feel they do not want to go to a local Church or Crematorium for various reasons. You will then have the choice to have a minister present or not and have a choice as to whether you wish to proceed to the burial or Cremation afterwards.

Our service rooms are very suitable for a gathering of family and friends who are able to meet and greet with friends in a relaxed atmosphere without feeling rushed.

We have the facility to play music and have available a projector and screen (Devizes only) which makes it possible to run a montage of photographs or film clips of your loved one.

In the past we’ve regularly had positive comments and feedback on this type of relaxed, homely and friendly setting. You are more than welcome to come and visit our facilities and to discuss any requirements you may have.

Please see our service rooms below:


D.J. Bewley Chapel at Melksham
D.J. Bewley Service Room at Melksham with sofas
D.J. Bewley at Melksham


D.J. Bewley Chapel at Devizes
D.J. Bewley Chapel with Screens at Devizes
D.J. Bewley Service Room at Devizes