Registering the Death

Our advice to all families is that when a death occurs they contact us immediately. In many cases now when people pass away in hospital, it is not necessary for us to attend immediately, however, our staff can give the helpful advice needed to put people’s minds at ease, and to ensure that the family are aware of everything which is needed to be done. Our main telephone number is 01225 702521, and all area office numbers are manned by local experienced funeral staff at all times night and day.

Once the cause of death has been certified by a doctor (or, in some cases, a coroner), the next step is to get a formal certified death certificate from your local registrar.

When can I register?

Before the funeral (unless the coroner is involved) and within five days of the death occurring. This is a legal requirement in England and Wales.

Who can register?

  1. A close relative of the deceased.
  2. A relative in attendance during the illness.
  3. A relative living in the district where the death occurred.
  4. A person present at the death.
  5. The person responsible for the payment of the funeral account.

Where can I register?

What do you need to take?

What will the registrar ask me?

  1. Full name of deceased (and maiden name if applicable).
  2. Date and place of death.
  3. Date and place of birth.
  4. Last full time occupation and home address.
  5. Name and address of the informant.
  6. If married, full name and occupation of surviving spouse.
  7. Whether the deceased was in receipt of a state pension.

What documents are issued by the Registrar?


Most local councils run a service called Tell Us Once - it lets you report a death to most government organisations in one go.

Your local registrar will tell you about using Tell Us Once and give you a unique reference number to access the service online or by telephone. You may be able to use it at the time you register the death. You’ll need to take with you the deceased’s:

Tell Us Once can then inform: