Deciding Between Burial or Cremation

The person who has died may have made it clear whether they preferred burial or cremation for their funeral, but if they didn’t, this could be a choice you have to make.

Arranging a cremation

Cremation is an option that many people are choosing these days.

Quite often individuals who wish to be cremated ensure their final wishes are well known, either by pre-planning, including instructions in their Will or telling a spouse or child.

When arranging a funeral, if you decide to choose cremation, at the crematorium you can choose between a full service or a shorter committal service. You can hold a cremation after a funeral service or a cremation followed by a memorial service.

The committal is held at the end of the service in the crematorium. There may be a closing of curtains as the committal takes place, or the coffin may move gently from sight. The service length at the crematorium is usually restricted to 25 minutes, a double slot can be booked if you feel you need more time for the service.

Please see our local crematoria page to get an idea and familiarise yourself with the surroundings.

In addition, you may like to discuss with us, or family members, the options for final disposition of the remains. Usually, the cremated remains are scattered, buried, entombed, or kept at home.

Choosing a burial

For thousands of years, burial has been a traditional means of caring for the physical remains of a loved one, and when choosing burial, the final resting place for your loved one is a very important decision.

Burials are most commonly carried out in a churchyard or cemetery. Depending on local regulations and availability, you usually have the choice between using a new or existing grave, If you are arranging a funeral, D.J. Bewley Funeral Directors can help you check for availability across the Wiltshire area.

Existing Graves

If there is already a grave available, perhaps forming part of a family plot, we will require the deeds of the grave or other related documents. Don’t worry if you don’t have them, we can assist you in locating them. We will also need to check there is enough space.

New Graves

When purchasing a new grave, some authorities may allow you to reserve or purchase grave space next to it.

There are alternative choices to burial in a churchyard or cemetery. These could be burial in a vault, burial at sea and woodland ‘green’ burials. Please contact D.J. Bewley Funeral Directors to discuss these options.

Please note, a burial has fewer restrictions about the placing of personal possessions with your loved one, the choice of clothing and decoration than a crematorium. We can advise you on any restrictions.